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Barristers’ Association of Bangladesh is a non-profit making organisation. Association’s members are all Barristers who have been called to the Bar of England and Wales.

Established in 1960s, the purpose of the Barristers’ Association of Bangladesh has been to address the professional needs and development of Barristers in Bangladesh or of Bangladeshi origin and to create a common platform for its members to contribute to the society. The Association membership now encompasses a network of approximately 550 lawyers and jurists who serve society at the highest positions in both the private and public sectors of the legal profession.

Barristers’ Association is keen to see its members have a platform to discuss their common issues, to get advancement of social welfare, mutual interest, protections of interest of the members. Having close ties and establishing social contacts among the members gives the Association its strength. One of the unique features of the Association is the blending of old and new generation of Barristers which allows the newly called Barristers to get enriched with the wisdom form the veterans.

The Association’s structure consists of an Executive Committee of which Mr. Masood R. Sobhan is the President. The Executive Committee is responsible for the operation of the organisation and is composed of both elected and appointed members.

Barristers’ Association is also committed to develop civic consciousness and to act as a pressure group for development and enactment of appropriate legislation in the best interest of the people of Bangladesh.

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